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Past. Present. Future.

This is one of those blogposts you can not write well enough. On the one hand it’s about something positive, on the other hand it kind of sounds negative.

To cut all the crap others would write, here are some basic facts and reasons for why we were very quiet for the last few months.

Fact #1: We’ve run out of money.

Kind of funny how that might be the number one reason for every startup to come to a stop and nobody ever speaks about it. However, it’s pretty common and we just experienced it. We tried several ways of getting a new investment but at the end the numbers weren’t good enough to convince people to put their trust in our vision.

Fact #2: We’ve run out of time.

No money? Why aren’t you guys building QUOTE.fm in your spare time, you might ask. That’s what we’ve thought at first, but after several meetings and heavy thinking about what QUOTE.fm is, we came to the conclusion that it’s just to big to build it in a way we would like to see it. Our standards are a bit too high for all the work we would have to do to even maintain the quality QUOTE.fm has at the moment. Just maintaining isn’t enough, we would like it to flourish.

Fact #3: Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

So, what does that mean for you? You, the people who build this thing with us? Without you this whole adventure wouldn’t even have started.

QUOTE.fm isn’t going away. I know the first part of this post very much sounded like it, but we have good news. We found the right people to maintain QUOTE.fm: elbdudler. A young and ambitious agency from Hamburg, Germany.

That means: Philipp, Marcel, Flo and I are saying our good-byes and sometime in the (quite near) future elbdudler will take over and hopefully build this thing here into something that you guys will appreciate.

We think this is the best solution for all those affected. You, us and elbdudler. Marcel, Philipp Flo and I are going on new adventures and we’re sure we’ll see you around.

We had a great time. Thanks for everything. You’re the best. <3

See you soon,
Marcel, Martin, Philipp, and Florian

April 16, 2013
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The Week In Quotes

Our friends over at Readmill have a nice tradition: They post a digest of highlights every week. It’s a nice way to say goodbye to the week and a great way to find something to read for the weekend. So we’ll adopt this and present you our first weekly digest:

Have a great weekend!

December 14, 2012
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Out now: QUOTE.fm for iPhone (And it’s free!)

QUOTE.fm for iPhone just hit the AppStore. Now you’re able to read, save and quote articles from your iPhone.

Here’s what it can do:

Go grab it in the AppStore. It’s free and you won’t find a more social reading experience out there.

You might have noticed that you’re not able to find new articles shared on QUOTE.fm at the moment. We’ll publish another blogpost in the next couple of days that will shed some light on this decision. Let’s just say: Everything you might miss will come in the biggest update QUOTE.fm has seen so far. Soon™.

QUOTE.fm for iPad and iPhone in an AppStore near you.

December 04, 2012
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Import your saved articles from Instapaper, Pocket and Readability to QUOTE.fm

This is amazing. Nico Knoll invested a bit of his time to build something that QUOTE.fm lacks: A way to import your saved articles from Instapaper, Pocket and Readability. So if you think about switching your reading experience to QUOTE.fm, feel free to use Nico’s solution.

If you have a bit of time to spare and want to build something neat, feel free to take a look at this list of ideas for our API: QUOTE.fm API Ideas Braindump.

Feel free to ping us if you’re building something. We are looking forward to post your creation here in this blog.

November 27, 2012
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The first steps to a better QUOTE.fm

Yesterday we launched a new feature we are very excited about: A new layout for individual quotes. The problem with our previous solution was that when you shared quotes to Twitter and Facebook and someone clicked on the link the person would end up on a page only containing a headline and a blue quote without any hint what’s going on.

Those times are over. The new single pages are much more useful and self-explanatory:

Here are some examples:

Pruning: Making room for something new
The Best
Innovation is a fight
What’s inside the Skinner Box?

Basically there are no pages for individual quotes on QUOTE.fm anymore, we just put the quote and all comments where they belong: Directly to the article they originate from. You see someone sharing an article via QUOTE.fm on Twitter or Facebook? Click or tap the link and you’ll be directed to the site of the article. You’re able to toggle the quote, or disable the QUOTE.fm options altogether. If you click somewhere in the darkened space around the quote, or on the “Quote” button in the bar at the top, you hide the quote so you can read the whole article. If you’re done reading, just click the button again to view the quote, write a comment or recite it.

This is a huge deal for QUOTE.fm and we’re going to change a lot of things like this to make more sense in the near future. We’ll change some things to bring discussions to where they belong and to ensure a better experience of finding new stories worth your time. Some of the very first steps are the new single quote pages and a small redesign we gave Discover and Following and there is many more to come.

Happy quoting!

November 14, 2012
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