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We’re ready, but don’t quote us on that.

It’s been a while. We had this idea of a website which makes it easy to share and discover great texts, not through their headlines but through quotes.

Philipp, Martin and I built it, we made a first re-design before the site was in its alpha stage, we’ve nearly done a second one in the closed beta and here we are. Today we’re launching.

What’s QUOTE.fm?

QUOTE.fm might be your new favorite way to find texts worth your time. Let’s say you want something great to read. Twitter is full of links to a diversity of things, but most of the time there’s but a funny clip on YouTube to be discovered behind them. It’s the same with Facebook, which almost bursts with pictures of drunk friends, updates about relationship statuses of people you didn’t really care about since high school and Farmville gifts. QUOTE.fm doesn’t want to be like Facebook or Twitter at all. We’re just trying to give you a boost finding awesome reads, the possibility to share texts you really liked and a platform to discuss a broad range of topics with your friends.

Chances are you don’t have time for another social network. Nobody wants to waste even more of theirs online – and we know that. You don’t have to. We’ve built a bookmarklet that can easily be added to your browser’s favorite bar. Drag it in there and you’re done. As soon as you read something cool, simply select a noteworthy passage and click the bookmarklet. You’ll be able to add a comment to the selection, share your recommendation to Twitter and Facebook and hope for your friends to like it.

Yeah, you’ll need an invite code.

One thing we really dig is quality. The interwebs are a vast place full of things that probably should have never seen the light of day and are a plain waste of time. Yes, the video with the cute cat and the squirrel is nice, but what if you’d invested those three minutes in reading a mind-opening text about real life superheroes?

QUOTE.fm is not for everybody and that’s no shame. It’s okay, maybe you won’t even need it. We’re not going to be the new Twitter or Facebook.

Like I said, we’re trying to ensure quality. It’s not about the quotes themselves, rather about the texts behind them, about recommendations of texts worth your time. If we’d let everyone in, our timelines would quickly be flooded with funny tweets, quotes from Einstein and the obligatory bash.org chat logs. That’s not what we want at all. We’re aiming for articles about mysterious new medical options, awesome stories about the development of historical logos and sad, but thoughtful and mind-opening obituaries.

Each of our beta testers will receive three invite codes and we sure hope they’ll keep our little quality guideline in mind while handing them out. Think about it: maybe your best friend really isn’t quite the best choice after all. New members won’t be getting an invite right from the start, but there’s a chance to receive one if the system gets to know them a little better and considers them integrated and worthy enough. In a nutshell: as long as you post good stuff and work towards quality, it’s likely you get an invite.

So, you’ll have to find someone generous who’s willing to let you in. We hope that all of you who did get invites will keep in mind how much better QUOTE.fm can be when it functions around good content. And it’s up to you to make that happen. Invite great people, enlist yourself as a curator and make sure that the Discover topic of your choice will be featuring great reads. Try to be all nice and polite and everything will be just fine.

The future

Yeah, we know. There’s so many things left we could integrate to make QUOTE.fm even more handy and cool. After all, we’re just three guys doing our best to do things the right way, because we love this stuff. Be kind and give us some time, we promise that your patience will pay off. There’s an app in the works whose release date has yet to be announced, there’ll be plugins for your browser and many more things involving lasers, kittens, dinosaurs and pretty much everything you can imagine. These things take a little while, though.

That said, I thank all of you who helped us develop QUOTE.fm, who made it possible to realize our ideas and who shared their opinions and thoughts on the project.

We think it’s pretty awesome. And we hope you do the same.


November 01, 2011

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