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Mobile second

We’re happy and kind of proud to announce that starting now, most of QUOTE.fm is responsive and with that easily usable on your smartphone. We even found a way to let you recommend stories from your smartphone:

  1. Open QUOTE.fm on your mobile device
  2. Paste the URL to the story you’d like to recommend in the box at the the top of Following
  3. Wait a second and you’ll see the story, mark an interesting quote, and press the blue button.
  4. You’ll now see your recommendation. Add a comment, choose a topic, hit “Recommend” and you’re all done.

Go try it, it’s fun and works astonishingly well on smartphone displays (we’ve only tested it on iPhones, but I feel obligated to write “smartphones”). We’re really happy to have a good way to add recommendations via iPhone until the iPhone app is ready.

Some things (most of the icons, some pages) aren’t optimized for retina yet, but Martin is onto it and it’ll happen soon. We thought you guys should know that the main parts of the page are already usable.

Have fun reading. <3

August 21, 2012