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Say hello to: QUOTE.fm for iPad and QUOTE.fm Read

Today’s a big day for QUOTE.fm – in fact that understates it a bit because it’s the biggest day for QUOTE.fm since we kicked off the project initially. Today marks the biggest launch in our (young) history and we’ve never been as excited as this before.

Let’s cut right to the chase: QUOTE.fm as you know it is dead, long live QUOTE.fm. We’ve added something new that’s kind of a game changer. From now on, you’re not only able to find great stories on QUOTE.fm, you can also save them for later reading in a distraction-free social reading environment.

Introducing: QUOTE.fm for iPad

That’s where our brand new iPad app comes in. Finally, you can discover, share, recommend and read stories on your iPad. We’ve got to say we’re pretty proud of how it turned out. Recommending stories has never been more fun and you’ll quickly see that reading them is a whole new experience when you do so with our app.

The app is divided into two parts, QUOTE.fm Find and QUOTE.fm Read. Switch between them by dragging the menu from bottom to top. Find lets you discover what your friends are recommending, it’s basically what QUOTE.fm has been on the web until now. Click on one of the quotes to view the article. Swipe over a recommendation from right to left to unveil the menu. Now to the fun part: Tap on “Read later” to save the article to QUOTE.fm Read.

Switch to Read and you’ll see the list of articles you’ve saved for later reading. They’re stored offline, so you’re still able to read them even though you’re not connected to a network. Tap on one of those articles to read it. Don’t like how the text looks? You’re free to change how it’s displayed in any way you want.

But that’s boring. Here’s something more exciting: Swipe from right to left over the text or hit the button in the menu bar to activate Social Reading. This mode offers a whole new reading experience. See who recommended the article you’re reading right now and what they think about it, choose a discussion and dive into it right on spot. Reading just got social.

When you’ve read something, just select the quote you want to share, hit recommend, write a comment, choose a topic, press “Recommend” and you’re done. This works everywhere, whether you’re in Read or in Find.

When you open the QUOTE.fm iPad app while having an URL in your clipboard, we’ll ask you if you want to save the article to Read or if you want to read or recommend it right now. The latter is a nice way to recommend something you’ve read somewhere else.

Introducing: The new website & bookmarklet.

But there’s more. Everything that’s new in the iPad app is now also available on the web. We’ve added Read to the site, so you’re able to enjoy Social Reading in your browser as well. The site even syncs with the iPad app, so you never lose track on where you stopped reading an article.

One more thing: We’ve updated the bookmarklet, it now features two modes:

  1. Select the quote you want to recommend and click on the bookmarklet to recommend the article you’ve just read.
  2. Hit the bookmarklet without having selected anything to open the menu that lets you save the article to QUOTE.fm Read, read it directly in our destraction free layout or send it to your kindle (soon).

To add to all that: From now on there are plugins and extensions for all major browsers for all of you who don’t like to use bookmarklets:

We’ve been working on this for the last six months and we really hope you like it. This is the first version of QUOTE.fm Read and the iPad app, and we’re planning to update both as fast as possible. Bug fixes and new features are coming soon.

So… if you feel like it, go check out the app in the App Store. Also, we wouldn’t be mad at all if you decided to rate it (with as many stars as there are, right?) and write a review. <3

QUOTE.fm on the App Store

September 11, 2012

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