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New settings, new FAQ

Listen up, people! We’ve just updated the FAQ and given the QUOTE.fm settings a brand new look as well as a tweak you might want to know about.

From now on, you’re not only able to activate and deactivate mail notifications about new followers, mentions, comments etc. via mail, but also those on the site itself. Feel free to not be annoyed by that little yellow icon anymore.

February 10, 2012
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Team building exercise

Our kind of anger management.

Andy: Philipp
visuellegedanken: Martin
UARRR: Marcel

February 08, 2012
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Blog, Blog, Hooray!

February 08, 2012
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More invites, more RSS feeds, more fun

Here’s another small change we’ve made recently: From now on, anytime a user is up for curatorship and recommends articles of enough quality to make it to the first place in the voting, he or she is rewarded with an additional invite code.

Also, we’ve implemented RSS feeds for profiles, in case there’s somebody whose recommendations you wouldn’t want to miss.

February 02, 2012
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Introducing: Dashboard

There hasn’t been any good way to introduce new features to the site, until now. While other sites use their sidebars as a means of promotion, we wanted something different. Enter: Dashboard.

So far there’s been the “Welcome” tab, which was kind of unnecessary when you’ve been using QUOTE.fm for a while. So, from now on, the Dashboard will take its place. It’ll contain shortcuts to several features (e.g. the bookmarklet and a function to find friends) as well as various new things such as “Staff Favorites”.

The latter will be a useful way for new users to create themselves a timeline full of high quality reading recommendations.

The Dashboard’s content will depend on your status. If you’re up for curatorship votes, it’ll show the current top 5 of the respective topic. If you’ve got any invites left, it’ll show you how many, and so on.

Speaking of invites: Many of your invites haven’t been given out so far. Don’t hesitate to go ahead and invite people you think would recommend texts worth reading.


January 27, 2012
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